green stem with green leaves

I enjoy experimenting with different herbs and spices.  Several years back I began using Fines Herbs in my omelets, soups, sauces, and stews.  I loved the full flavor it provided and became curious as to what is in it.  Used in French cooking, Fines Herbs is typically compromised of a blend of parsley, tarragon, chervil, and chives.  Chervil?  I had never heard of it!  

Through research, I discovered Chervil (SHER-vuhl) was carried throughout Europe by the Romans where it is now naturalized.  It is found in many French recipes including B√©arnaise Sauce and of course one of the main ingredients in Fines Herbs.  A member of the parsley family, Chervil is a delicate culinary herb which embodies its hosting food with very mild hints of aniseed.

 I have not seen fresh Chervil in markets in my area and dried is difficult to find in local grocery stores.  I have found the best place to buy chervil locally is at spice stores. Though French recipes are the primary host for the use of Chervil, I truly enjoy its soft flavors in tomato-based dishes and sauces.  I flavor my chili, vegetable soup and a variety of sauces with dried Chervil.  I hope you take time to experiment with this versatile delicate herb!