Award Winning Escuminac Canadian Yellow Birch Syrup - Dark Robust - Limited Edition
UNBLENDED - SINGLE-FOREST AND ESTATE BOTTLED! Escuminac produces a pure organic birch syrup (yellow birch) of the highest quality. An extremely rare product, 160 litres of yellow birch sap are necessary to produce 1 litre of yellow birch syrup. This nectar is produced in very small quantities thus making it very rare. Considered the balsamic vinegar of the Native Americans, it is said to have many beneficial properties and virtues which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. This exceptional syrup has a certain aromatic kinship with balsamic vinegar. Rare and sought-after, birch syrup (yellow birch) is never to be confused with birch syrup (white birch), a more common and much less complex syrup. The white birch and the yellow birch are two quite different trees. AN AWARD WINNING AND UNIQUE DISTINCT SYRUP, USED BY CHEFS WORLDWIDE Yellow birch syrup is not to be confused with maple syrup, both have completely different tastes. While maple syrup is sweet, birch syrup is more vinegary and especially used is cooking recipes. Chefs from around the world have fallen in love with our truly unique syrup, which won SIAL Canada's Trends And Innovations Award For 2011. This syrup is a pure nectar, and very fashionable in the kitchens of the great chefs. Can be used in any dish, from starter to dessert via the main course, side-dishes, and even cocktails.

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