December 4, 2023
December 2023

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aboutFood with Finesse is a captivating online platform that transcends the typical recipe hub. I curate a rich and diverse collection of recipes, seamlessly blending culinary expertise, lifestyle inspiration, and expert instructional content.

What brings me the most joy are creating delicious food with loved ones, the soothing serenity of the beach, and the warm embrace of Christmas. 

Hi! My name is Valerie …

Welcome to Food with Finesse, my cozy corner of the internet!  Here, I’ve curated a space to share cherished recipes, expertise in blending flavors, serving techniques, and helpful kitchen hacks.

My culinary journey traces back to my childhood, where at the young age of eleven, my working mother would guide me over the phone in preparing dinner after school. That’s when my love for cooking ignited!

Today, I continue to delve into my culinary passions by exploring and creating recipes, perfecting food and table styling, mastering new culinary ingredients, tricks and techniques, and discovering innovative kitchen tools — all drawing inspiration from beloved family recipes, treasured dining experiences, and memorable travels.

Hailing from the Midwest, I cherish my roots, where I was born, raised, and now reside with my husband as empty nesters, accompanied by our playful feline companion, Thor. 

The Team

“I love to try new recipes – especially traditional recipes with a twist.”

Hi!  My name is Kathy

I am thrilled to join my dear friend Valerie on this culinary adventure! 

The first time I prepared dinner was a recipe from the closest thing to a blog in the 70’s.  Our local newspaper offered a summer series of recipes for children to make family dinners.  My mom supervised as I made a fried chicken dinner for our family.  One summer experience has impacted the rest of my life in the kitchen.

Today, I always prefer cooking with company – even if it is my loved ones sitting with me as I prepare our meal.  We learn so much about each other in the kitchen – from family traditions, food allergies, favorite kitchen tools and how we celebrate important dates on our calendars!

I am Midwest made – same as Valerie!  Surrounded by family, friends and our guinea pig Peanut.